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 Binocular, DCF/ roof prism

More new models...

6x16DCF.sum.jpg (8371 bytes) 6x16 ,exit pupil distance:10.5mm, exit pupil diameter: 2.6mm, field of view: 9<. D718.summ.jpg (5502 bytes) 7x18, exit pupil distance: 10.2mm, exit pupil diameter: 2.6mm, field of view: 8<.     


D8211.summ.jpg (5411 bytes) 8x21I DCF8x21inf.sum.jpg (7950 bytes) 8X21II, 8x22II, 10x25, 8x32, 10x32,12x32, 10x40
10x25C with compass 8x25WA.jpg (6555 bytes) 8x25WA
D10251.summ.jpg (5265 bytes) 10x25I D10252.summ.jpg (5181 bytes) 10x25II
D10253.sum.jpg (7627 bytes) 10x25-3 D10254.sum.jpg (7968 bytes) 10x25-4
D10255.sum.jpg (7966 bytes) 10x25-5



D10258.sum.jpg (5265 bytes) 10x25-8 D10259.sum.jpg (6799 bytes) 10x25-9
D10257.summ.jpg (5293 bytes) 10x25-7 D1030.summ.jpg (4850 bytes) 12x30,8x32, 10x32, 12x32
D8x32.sum.jpg (7406 bytes) 8x32


10x25-10 small


Binocular with digital camera

J1003,waterproof or non-waterproof, 7x18mm,164m/1000m





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