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Laboratory instruments and appliances

I Lab Glasswares

II Microscopes(biological 1,2,Stereo, Metallogical, Stand type)

III. Magnifiers 

 1).Handheld magnifier,headband magnifier, dome loupe, handfree magnifier, fresnel lens,etc.     
 2).Foldable magnifiers
3).Jewel loupes
4).Illuminated Magnifiers, LED light loupes, magnifier lamps.
 5).Magnifiers and loupes wiith optical lenses,industrial purpose.
6).Headband surgical magnifier, loupes and headlights for hospital

7.Digital magnifier and Microscope with USB,

IV.Laboratory accessories , pipettor

V.Plastic scienceware

VI.Laboratory Porcelains

VII. Balance and Scale

VIII. Stainless steel tweezers, forceps for laboratory, school,hospital and stamp collecting.

IX.Calipers 1,2,3, micrometers

X. Teaching instruments

1).Electricity and electromagnetics

2).Mechanics and demonstration sets


4).Chemical and biogogical

XI. Binoculars, monoculars, telescopes

1).Roof prism(compacted/DCF) series 2).Porro prism(PCF) series
3).UCF series    4).Plastic binoculars
5).Monoculars   6).Telescopes 
7).Night visions 8).Others...

XII. Distance measuring instruments, level instruments

XIII. Centrifuge,vibrator and stirrer

XIV.Drying oven, water bath, incubator

XV.Other items
1).  Compass 2). Thermometer(clinic,flat form)
3).Steel measuring tape 1,2,3,4, soft tape
4).Timer 5). UV lamps, money detectors

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