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pocket loupe

Model:4300, pocket magnifier, foldable, acrylic lens

pocket magnifier

Model:4500,pocket magnifier, foldable, acrylic lens

pocket magnifier Model:5000, pocket magnifier, foldable , acrylic lens

pocket magnifier Model:3002 pocket magnifier, bifocalModel:45018


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Model:55041,foldable desktop magnifier

55366.sum.jpg (7168 bytes)

Model:55366,jewel loupes,

80824.sum.jpg (7418 bytes)

80824,pocket loupe with keyring

illuminated portable microscope, 40x, 100x slide mangifier

pocekt loupe, double and triple lens

Poccket loupe, double and triple lens


LED light jewel loupe

jewel loupe with 2LED

foldable loupes


foldable linen tester

Metal frame linen tester

slide magnifier


foldable tweezer magnifier, LED light

foldable loupe, with pen geology loupe, 10x50mm double glass lens
fodable loupe, triple lens metal frame linen tester LED linen tester with spring

foldable rectangle magnifier

foldable linen tester, 110mm dia.




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