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Magnifiers,loupes, pen microscope


Aspheric lense, illuminated, with 2xUM2 batteries, reticle can be installed.


Field of view: Ø3.24mm(25x)


Size:Ø12x122mm, alloy body.

25x pen microscope can install reticle, graduation: 0.05mm, maximum measuring length: 3mm.

With or without LED light.

Swing away magnifier:Magnification:10x, diameter of lense: 18mm,color correct lense,metal base. swivel type.
7170: Loupe, with reticle, metal frame7x /10x Loupe,10x15mm/15x16mm/20x13mm, focal adjustable
MG001A:mobile phone magnifier, good gift for young people and old people as vision aids,foldable arm to adjust the postion of the lens, fresnel lens, size of lens: 82x53mm, magnification: 3x.

Model No.NV-1:Ovulation scope, gift for women.The Ovulation scopes(Fertility Indicators) are home test that allows women to determine the best time for conception. A drop of saliva is placed on a special magnifying viewfinder and wait it dry. By interpreting the patterns that form, a woman can determine the stage of her ovulation cycle.With red LED light, powered by cells.

10070: Clip-on magnifier, magnifier glasses

Headband magnifiers, for hobby purpose , click here...

Headband magnifiers for surgical and inspection purpose, click here...


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