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rectangle magnifier 100x50mm, plastic frame and handle

handheld magnifier, 120mm dia. lens gooseneck magnifier, desktop

gooseneck magnifier, with clip


paper weight magnifier

Desktop magnifier, paper weight, tortoise and frog shape

necklace magnifier, acrylic

Necklace mangifier,with or without LED light

acrylic lens magnifier
plastic magnifiers handheld magnifier, bifocal lens handheld magnifier, metal frame, plastic handle
headband magnifierHeadband loupes acrylic magnifier help hand magnifier, for electronic soldering
tweezer loupeTweezer magnifiers tweezer loupe, metal frame, plastic mangifier with clip
handheld magnifier, glass lensHandheld magnifiers desktop dome loupe, 10x30mm, 5x75mmLoupes artificial magnifier set
desktop loupeLoupes

handheld magnifier, plastic frame and handle

handheld magnifier with compass

13B: eye loupe, with LED light

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6018,acrylic lens magnifier, handheld

599909-12 full metal magnifier with screwdrivers

7027-7031 hand held magnifier with metal connector, plastic handle and frame.

official  magnifier

Full brass magnifier

focal adjustable loupe

Loupe with aspheric lens

6912,4x50mm,4x60mm paper weight magnifier

Fresnel, credit card size, bookmark magnifier


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