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Jeweler's loupes,optical lens, doublet, triplet,four elements and five elements, brass frame, jewel tester,measuring caliper, jewel microscope.

jewel loupe 10x12mm jewel loupe 15x12mm jewel loupe 20x12mm jewel loupe 10x18mm triplet
7001B:10x12mm 7002A,15x12mm 7003C:20x12mm 7007A: 10x18mm
jewel loupe 15x18mm jewel loupe 20x18mm jewel loupe 30x18mm triplet jewel loupe 10x21mm triplet
7008B: 15x18mm 7009C: 20x18mm 7010A: 30x18mm 7014B: 10x21mm
15x21mm triplet jewel loupe 20x21mm triplet, jewel loupe 30x21mm jewel loupe jewel loupe 10x18mm hexagonal
7015C:15x21mm 7016B:20x21mm 7017A: 30x21mm 7021A: 10x18mm
7022B:15x18mm 7027C:10x20.5mm 7028B:15x20.5mm 7029C:20x20.5mm
7030C:30x20.5mm 7033:10x18/15x12mm 7040B:10x18mm 7046A:10x18mm
7051C:10x18mm 7055A:10x/20x/30x 7070A: 10x18mm 7058A: 10x18mm
7811:15x21mm loupe and jadeite filter 7801, 10x21mm triplet,led light 7312: diamond selector 7300: Jadeite filter/ ruby filter
diamond microscope diamond microscope
Stand microscope with light, with or without reticle. stand microscope with/without reticle.
diamond calipers refractometer

Stainless steels for jewel, diamond and stamp inspection

Jewel calipers.

ZTX-E-ZB:jewel microscope, zoom,darkfield, diamond holder,eyepiece:WF5x/10x/15x and 20x, objective:1x-4x. XTX-7-ZB:jewel microscope, darkfield,diamond clip.objective:2x/4x,eyepiece: WF10x.

More jewel microscope...



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