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UCF Series, binocular, Porro prism   


U8x21-1 U8x21-2 U8x21-3
U10x25-1 U10x25-2 U10X25MC

Objective Diameter


Field of view at 1000m


U8x21 21 124
U10x21 21 96
U10x25 25 96



Zoom binocular, UCF.

Angle of view:

8-20x: 4.5-2.8กใ/78-49m at 1000m

8-25x: 4.2-2.0กใ/70-38m at 1000m



Field of view: 126m at 1000m




UB2031 8x25/10x25, angle of view: 5.6กใ,96m at 1000m,8-25x25 zoom,50pcs/ctn

2072 U8X21

J1105:8x21 UCF,122m/1000m J1108: tranparent UCF binocular, 122m/1000m
J1104: 10x25mm,98m/1000m U822LI-1: 8x22mm,131m/1000m


8x25/10x25, 50pcs/ctn


8x25/10x25/12x25mm, 50pcs/ctn.

2104: Compact UCF binocular, zoom, 20-100x30mm, field of view: 33-18m/1000m. 35x30x33cm/20pcs,12kgs. 2062: Compact UCF binocular, zoom, 8-16x30mm, 10-30x30mm,or 8x30mm,35x29x33cm/20pcs,10kgs.
2101-II:8-25x25mm,10-30x25mm,7-15x35mm, 8x25mm, 10x25mm,54x37x30cm/40pcs,16kgs. 2071:10x25mm, compact UCF binocular, 96m/1000m, 40pcs/ctn
WU09: 8-16x22mm, zoom binocular,52x36x32cm/40pcs 2057:8x21mm,52x35x27cm/40pcs.
2101:8-25x25mm,10-30x25mm,7-15x35mm, 8x25mm, 10x25mm,54x37x30cm/40pcs,16kgs. 2098-II: Mini UCF binocular, zoom, 6-18x18mm. 62x32x22cm/50pcs, 15kgs.
WU08A: 9x21mm UCF binocular, 40x34.5x28cm/30pcs WU08B: 9x21mm UCF binocular, 40x34.5x28cm/30pcs
2077-II: 8x21mm UCF, 40pcs/ctn WU10B: 7x18mm UCF binocular, 40x34.5x28cm/30pcs

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